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Fresh Vegetables

We produce a range of fresh vegetables including potatoes,carrots bunched and nets ,beetroot bunched and nets and parsnips  

A Family Farm

We are a family run farm who pride ourselves in being able to cater to individual requirements ,we will do everything we can to meet our customers needs and offer a friendly and personal approach .Established since the early 1900's we have a wealth of knowledge in growing the highest quality fresh farm produce.

Fresh Farm Produce

Our speciality crop is bunched carrots pulled fresh each morning and distributed out the same day to local wholesale markets and other retail outlets .We also produce potatoes aimed mainly at the bag trade but also sell in bulk and prepacks .Along with parsnips ,onions and beetroot as listed below we are always happy to talk to customers about possible new crops that they may want us to produce .

Potatoes - Carrots - Parsnips - Beetroot - Onions - Hay, Straw, and Grain 

Seasonal Veg Boxes

 Satisfy your hunger with our sweet carrots, which add flavour to your Sunday roast, or make a hearty soup. Unwashed, our carrots are completely natural and many clients comment on their delicious taste. These are included in our Christmas seasonal vegetable boxes, which contain a variety of choices. Neatly boxed, our vegetables arrive with our own farm label.

Wholesale Markets

 Owing to our established reputation, we are a trusted supplier for local wholesale markets, located in Liverpool and Manchester. You are able to visit our beautiful farm yourself to choose the crops that you wish to purchase. Many clients choose to collect their vegetables from our farm directly.

A Tailored Service

 No matter your requirements, we cater to your needs. Able to supply vegetables in any quantity, we are happy to set up account systems for easy payments. Simply inform us of your specific quantity or packaging requests, and we will ensure your needs are met. We are proud to offer a personal service, which is unavailable from the larger, national companies.

Contact us, in Risley, Warrington, to find out more about our nutritious seasonal vegetables and fresh farm produce.